Ivanka is all talk and no action on climate. Call her bluff.

Recently, Ivanka Trump – Donald Trump’s daughter – became an “adviser” to the president and took up office in the White House. It is now her duty to advise the president on crucial issues facing our nation.

Among the most crucial is climate change – and while Ivanka has been pretending she takes it seriously – now she has a chance to prove it.

The Trump administration will soon gather to discuss the future of the Paris climate accord. This historic deal was agreed upon by 194 countries (that’s everyone except Syria, Nicaragua, and Uzbekistan) and is our best bet to ward off the worst effects of climate change.

Now that Ivanka Trump is an official adviser to the president, it’s time she speak up. If Ivanka won’t publicly support the Paris climate accord, she needs to stop marketing herself as a “moderate” who pretends to care about issues like climate change.

Ivanka has remained on the sidelines as her father signed executive orders allowing polluters to poison our air and water. Now she faces the biggest test of the sincerity of her commitment to climate action.

It’s time that we hold Ms. Trump accountable. Will she stand up for climate action or continue to deceptively market herself as a “moderate” while normalizing her father’s dangerous policies?

Act now: Demand that Ivanka publicly support the Paris climate accord.