Demand Congress to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia

Call your senators at 202-335-8569

Recently, the New York Times and CNN reported that senior aides to the Trump campaign had been in “constant communication” with Russian intelligence during the presidential election.

For weeks, Donald Trump and his team told us there had been no contact with Russia, even as Vladimir Putin sought to install him in the White House.
Now we know that’s not true.

Democracy requires fair elections, conducted with integrity, and free from outside influence. The American people deserve to know the extent to which Trump – or his advisors – spoke to Russian agents, the matters they discussed, and if and how they were involved with any of Putin’s efforts to interfere with the U.S. presidential election.

Call your senators at 202-335-8569

Suggested talking points:

  • Hello, my name is [Name] and I am from [City, State]
  • The recent reports of Donald Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia are deeply disturbing.
  • I am calling to ask that you publicly support the creation of an independent, impartial, and transparent committee to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.
  • I also urge you to push the Department of Justice to appoint a special outside counsel to investigate these serious allegations.