Tell your members of congress to reject Trump's extreme budget

Donald Trump’s budget plan is a handout to corporate polluters and the wealthiest Americans – at the expense of our health, economy, and planet.

Call your members of Congress at 202-765-0822.

Tell your members of Congress to reject Trump's extreme budget.

Today, Donald Trump unveiled his long awaited budget blueprint. Trump will put working families’ health at risk, make it more difficult to send our kids to college, undermine women’s safety, and rig the economy to help corporate polluters and the wealthiest Americans.

These might be Donald Trump’s values, but they aren’t ours. Call your legislators at 202-765-0822 and demand that they reject Trump’s dangerous budget.

Talking points

  • Hello, my name is [NAME] and my zip code is [#####]
  • I am calling to ask you to reject Donald Trump’s budget.
  • This budget is unacceptable because it would gut the EPA, and rig the economy to help corporations and wealthy at the expense of working Americans.
  • We need a budget that fully funds the EPA, and promotes economic prosperity for everyone, not just the powerful few.
  • I urge you to oppose this budget.

Donald Trump released his long awaited budget blueprint.

Donald Trump plans to:

  • Gut the Environmental Protection Agency and allow corporate polluters to poison our air and water
  • Cut crucial educational programs that help prepare our children for the future
  • Strip millions of Americans of their health care and increase costs — hitting low-income, older Americans the hardest
  • Slash funding for Planned Parenthood, which millions of American women rely on for cancer screenings and other health services
  • Waste billions of dollars building a wall on our southern border
  • Create an immigration deportation force that would tear families apart
  • Cut critical investments into clean energy and scientific research

Meanwhile, Donald Trump remains committed to increasing military spending by over $50 billion and giving the wealthiest Americans a huge tax break.

Urge your members of Congress to reject Trump's extreme budget at  202-765-0822 (see sample script on this page).