As Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren hit the campaign trail, new polling from NextGen Climate shows that Hillary Clinton’s support among millennials has reached its highest point yet.

Some key findings from the poll:

  • Clinton’s vote share and popularity among battleground millennials are on sharply upward trends: Clinton’s 55% vote share among battleground millennial likely voters represents clear improvement from August (48%, +7) and July (43%, +12).
  • Clinton’s gains among millennials are larger than the 2012 margin in several critical states: Based on voter registration counts and historical turnout rates, in terms of total votes, a 12-point shift in Clinton’s share of millennial voters translates to roughly 225,000 additional votes for Clinton in Florida, 140,000 in North Carolina, and 170,000 in Ohio—totals that exceed the respective margins between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in each of these states in 2012 (about 74,000 in Florida, 92,000 in North Carolina and 166,000 in Ohio).
  • Millennials are now supporting Clinton at similar levels as they would support Bernie Sanders: On a four-way ballot, Clinton is winning 55% of the vote among likely voters and leading Trump by 28 points. On a hypothetical ballot with Sanders replacing Clinton, Sanders earns 56% of the vote and leads Trump by 29.
  • Clinton has an overwhelming favorability advantage over Trump: Likely millennial voters are split in their views of Clinton (49% favorable/49% unfavorable), while Trump is 44 points underwater among this audience (27% favorable/71% unfavorable, with 59% viewing him “very” unfavorably).

Here’s some of what Sanders had to say at a rally in Colorado Sunday:

Now over the next three weeks, what we’ve got to do is make sure everybody we know comes out to vote. But not only do we win it by landslide proportions so there is no doubt, no doubt, no doubt in anybody’s mind that this country is going to reject that sexism, racism, the xenophobia of the Trump campaign.

Watch the full speech:

Elizabeth Warren spoke to the necessity of building a lasting progressive movement to defeat the toxic ideology of Trump:

Now look, Hillary Clinton has spent her whole career standing up to bullies like Donald Trump. She’s been on the receiving end of one attack after another for 25 years. And i’ll tell you this about her, she doesn’t back down. She doesn’t whimper. She doesn’t whine. She doesn’t take to Twitter at 3 in the morning to call people bad names. No, Hillary just gets up everyday and keeps on fighting. Fighting for children. Fighting for women. Fighting for healthcare. Fighting for human rights. Fighting for a level playing field. That’s what she does. Hillary has brains, she has guts and she has thick skin and steady hands. But most of all she has some basic decency. And that’s what America needs and that’s why i’m with her.

Watch the full speech:

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