As Donald Trump faces allegations of sexual assault, the GOP establishment has tried to hide its long-term support of his campaign. Those same Republicans stuck by Trump even as he denied climate change, attacked a federal judge based on his heritage, threatened violence against his opponent and demeaned anyone who popped into his mind.
Nevada Congressman Joe Heck, who is now running for Senate, unequivocally stated his support for Trump just a month ago and continues to support Trump’s toxic agenda.


New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte called Trump a “role model.”


Even after the flood of sexual assault allegations, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey did not find Trump’s actions disqualifying. Toomey also complained that the leaked videotape in which Trump brags about groping women is getting too much media coverage. North Carolina Senator Richard Burr may be the worst of all—he somehow is still endorsing Trump

If these politicians can’t stand up to a man who makes sport out of brutishness and demagoguery, it’s hard to see them being able to defeat a global crisis like climate change. While the Obama administration took several critical steps forward on climate policy—most notably the Clean Power Plan and Paris Agreement, the intransigence of a GOP-controlled Congress prevented more from getting accomplished.

As Claire Foran writes in The Atlantic:

Republican opponents lack the votes to block the central pillars of the president’s climate agenda. Still, the clash over the Paris talks stands as a sharp reminder that congressional opposition forced the White House to abandon ambitions for comprehensive climate legislation. Policy experts warn that governments must do everything in their power to reckon with the reality of global warming as an environmental, economic, humanitarian, and national security threat. Instead, the president has been compelled to advance a climate agenda in bits and pieces.

In addition to electing Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket, climate advocates have an opportunity on Nov. 8 to regain control of the Senate.

The views of Heck, Ayotte, Burr and Toomey on climate are almost as bad as their judgment when it comes to Trump. Stop them from hurting the Earth by supporting the following candidates:

In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto is a strong supporter of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and will fight to increase investments in renewable energy.

In New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan has said that addressing climate change will be one of her top priorities if elected to the Senate. Hassan also brings a strong climate record from her time as governor of New Hampshire, in which she has supported the innovative Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

In Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty has a long record of environmental advocacy, having chaired the White House Council on Environmental Quality and later serving as head of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection.

In North Carolina, Deborah Ross has a lifetime score of 94 percent from the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters. As both an attorney and a state representative, she pushed growth in the clean energy economy.

Regardless of whether you live in these states, you can make a difference by texting and calling voters in battleground states. So do it.

Like now. The planet is depending on you.

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