Dollar Burritos and the #YouthVote

What do discounted burritos have to do with this election, you may ask?

At NextGen Climate, we’re allll about getting out the #youthvote. And what do we know about college students? They like burritos. Really, really like burritos.

So, we set out on a mission: Get Fighting Burrito in Ames to sell $1 burritos and make plans with every person in line to vote early in the Memorial Union.

The day started out with setting up lots of swag and a giant “Have You Voted Today?” sign on the window of Fighting Burrito.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.50.33 AM

Then, students lots of students lined up.


As the line got longer, we made sure everyone who came for a $1 burrito knew that they could vote today in the Memorial Union and made a plan to get there. Before they got their hands on a burrito, they knew how easy it was to cast their ballot and why it’s so important to make their voice heard this election.

IMG_4080 (1)



Burritos sold out within two hours, and students walked away with plans to vote early. Since early voting began in the Memorial Union at Iowa State, over 2,000 Iowans have voted there.


IMG_4024 (2)



Dollar Burrito Day is just one of the many events we’re doing on 23 college campuses in Iowa to bring allll the millennials to the polls.

Seem like fun? Use our early vote lookup tool to find a polling place near you or RSVP to one of our upcoming events.

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