Victory for Clean Car Standards

In December, thousands of activists spoke up and urged the EPA to help make our nation’s cars more fuel efficient – a move that would save Americans money at the pump while protecting our climate.

And the EPA listened.

The EPA has confirmed standards for cars and light trucks that will nearly double fuel efficiency by 2025, resulting in an average of about 50 mpg for these vehicles.

By submitting their comments to the EPA, activists let the President know that the public wanted this done before he left office – and he answered their call.

Learn more about the highlights of President Obama’s environmental legacy.

By 2030, the EPA’s clean car standard will result in 2.4 million fewer barrels of oil used each day and create 650,000 jobs. This is a huge step towards a cleaner transportation sector and will result in a massive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, benefiting our health and our planet.

These standards are a key part of President Obama’s environmental legacy, and one of his last achievements before he left office.

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