NextGen Climate

Virginia Climate Voters

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli had a nasty history of denying the basic science behind climate change — even going so far as to use his authority as Attorney General to persecute a leading climate scientist. And we were committed to holding him accountable.

Using targeted campaign strategies, NextGen Climate executed a massive integrated effort. We engaged over 170,000 voters – Virginians who were concerned about climate change, but unlikely to turn out in a non-presidential election.

We reached out over the airwaves, door-to-door, and online. We raised an important issue: could the Commonwealth of Virginia trust Cuccinelli to stand for their interests, instead of the corporate interest of big, out-of-state energy that was pumping over $100,000 into his campaign?

In the end, Cuccinelli’s denial of climate change became a disqualifier for the people of Virginia. We built a community of thousands of “climate voters” and helped keep Cuccinelli out of the Governor’s mansion. Together, we sent a clear message: when climate change is on the ballot, those standing in the way of progress by denying basic science will answer to the voters.