Keystone XL

The President’s Climate Test

12.10.2013 · Aaron Burgess

In June 2013, President Obama drew a line in the tar sands, making it clear that the Keystone XL pipeline would only be approved if “the project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.”

Six months later, Tom Steyer and a panel of experts revisited the site of President Obama’s pledge—convening at Georgetown University to ask the question: does Keystone XL pass the President’s climate test?

It’s an important question – and the answer, we found, is no.

As Tom laid out in his presentation, Keystone XL is key to unlocking the Alberta tar sands – and all of the carbon that comes with it.

The project would spur investment in the tar sands and enable the oil industry to ramp up production at an irreversible rate, with potentially devastating impacts on the global climate.

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