Keystone XL

The Experts on Tar Sands

2.19.2014 · Aaron Burgess

In March 2013, the residents of Mayflower, Arkansas  experienced firsthand the risks posed by tar sands pipelines when an Exxon pipeline carrying Canadian tar sands crude ruptured in their town, spilling 200,000 gallons of crude oil and leaving many residents ill.

Twenty-two homes were evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the spill, and ten months later many residents still cannot return home.

These devastating effects remain today, and the stench of tar sands still lingers in the air.  This was not a typical oil spill. And tar sands crude is not what you see at the gas pump – it is dense and sinks in water, making cleanup nearly impossible.

The residents of Mayflower never stood to benefit from this pipeline. When tar sands travel through our neighborhood, our families bear the risk while Big Oil reaps the profits. Issues like the Keystone XL pipeline affect every American, but especially those living with this danger in their  backyards.

The best way to prevent the next disastrous pipeline spill: say no to the Keystone XL pipeline. 

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