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It’s official: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has denied an easement which would have allowed construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe.

In addition, the Army Corps of Engineers has announced that a full environmental review of the project will commence and will take views of the Standing Rock Sioux into account. This is also a big win for Native American rights, and is testament to the fact that resistance works. Without resistance, the status quo automatically wins!

But the fight is not over.

The Trump Administration is gearing up to carry out a full-fledged assault on our environment, and has promised to push dirty energy projects that will poison our air and water and sicken our communities. President-elect Trump has expressed support for the Dakota Access pipeline, expanding fossil fuel production, and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Clearly, the Trump Administration will ultimately have a say on this and other pipelines.

The astonishing campaign by the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies is one example of what we are going to have to do over and over again when Donald Trump takes office.

So today, we celebrate this good news and recognize that this is just the beginning.

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