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We are a whole new generation.
We have the numbers.
We have the energy.
We know we'll be living with
the outcome of this election
for the rest of our lives.
Ask us if we're voting on Nov 8th:
Hell yeah we are!

NextGen Climate Committed Voters
The numbers are on our side.
Join us and have your say in November.
Clean Energy
We're calling for 100%
clean energy by 2050.
Donald Trump
Trump is calling for
more fossil fuels.
Our nation was founded
and built by immigrants.
Trump represents
racism and xenophobia.
Protects our air, water
and environment.
Donald Trump
Protects corporate polluters.
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Clean air is a basic human right.
Air pollution causes an estimated 6.5 million deaths per year.
African Americans are 3 times more likely to die from asthma.
5 in 10 people live where pollution levels are too dangerous to breathe.
"We have a moral responsibility to act so that our children are not crushed by…
In 2005, electric cars were still measured in hundreds. Now? Hundreds of thousands.
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