We are a whole new generation.
We have the numbers.
We have the energy.
We know we'll be living with
the outcome of this election
for the rest of our lives.
Ask us if we're voting on Nov 8th:
Hell yeah we are!

NextGen 2016 Election Program Voters
The numbers are on our side.
Join us and have your say in November.
Paris Climate Agreement
The United States joining
the Paris Agreement.
Donald Trump
A candidate for president who
wants to pull out of the agreement.
Our nation was founded
and built by immigrants.
Trump represents
racism and xenophobia.
Protects our air, water
and environment.
Donald Trump
Protects corporate polluters.
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It takes 74 gallons of water to produce 1 lb of avocados
Avocado prices are projected to increase 72%
Climate change = decreased rainfall = increased food prices
Continued drought means discontinued guacamole
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