Five Halloween Costumes That Are Way Less Scary Than Donald Trump

Yeah, Halloween can be scary.

But what’s way more terrifying? The thought of Donald Trump becoming President.

With so much at stake in this election, the potential that Trump could win on November 8 makes October 31 seem pretty tame in comparison.

So, those traditional Halloween costumes? They’re nothing compared to The Donald.

1. Creepy Clowns


The clown trend has been pretty weird. But that’s exactly what it seems to be: a trend that will eventually go away. However, Trump somehow managed to linger around since June 2015 and become the GOP nominee. Yeah, he’s stayed around a bit too long. Yikes.

2. Skeltons


Skeletons are all bonesliterally so they can’t exactly hide much. On the other hand, Trump has managed to keep his tax returns from the American public. Not exactly transparent.

3. Mad Scientists 

mad scientistA little creepy? Sure. But at least they understand science. Trump who at one point suggested that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese can’t exactly say he does.

4. Ghosts


Some cartoon ghosts can be nice! Casper the Friendly Ghost, for example. But take a quick look at Trump’s twitter account where he’s insulted everything from Saturday Night Live to a podium in the Oval Office   and it’s easy to see that’s not the case.

5. Witches


Black cats are pretty cool sidekicks. Who’s in Trump’s squad? Mike Pence, his VP nominee who’s also rejected climate science. Two peas in a pod.

Pretty horrifying, right?

Want to make sure Trump doesn’t get near The White House? Make a plan to vote early in Iowa right now. We even have a handy lookup tool where you can find your nearest polling place.

You can also help us bring even more young Iowans to the polls by signing up for a volunteer shift.

Now, let’s make sure the actual scary stuff comes to an end on November 8.

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